Emily Benson



twitter: @ebenson_emily


Emily Benson writes poems of humanity, longing, and nature. A former professional stage manager for theatre who now works in digital marketing, she has been writing poetry steadily through it all. She lives in Western New York with her husband, two sons, and two cats.

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Dance, Paddler Press

Lilith, Pastel Gothic issue of Pastel Pastoral

I Lift My Chin, The Dillydoun Review

Happy Birthday, Beyond Words Literary Magazine

Hecate Journal - Volume IV, August 2021

image: stock

Wonderous World: Poems that Spark Magic, Other Worldly Women Press

July 26, 2021

image: Evelyn May

Blue River Review, July 2021

image: author's own

Moist Poetry Journal, June 9, 2021

image: text art

Sad Girls Club Literary Blog, February 2021

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High Shelf Press, January 15, 2021

image: Lillie Lemon by Laurie Philip Michaels

Five Minutes, November 2020

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Hey, I'm Alive, June 15, 2020

image: author's own

Hey, I'm Alive, June 9, 2020

image: Rochester, NY Municipal Archives

Unstamatic, May 2020

image: Transitory Space, Don Valley 2 # 8, Color Photography, 2020 by Leah Oates